Tucson Police Explorers
Explorers help serve in the community in many ways.
Here are just a few examples:
Here’s What Some Explorers Have To Say...
Tucson Police Explorer Post 180 has been serving the City of
Tucson and the surrounding community since 1967. The program
offers young men and women a chance to challenge themselves
mentally and physically while working with active members of Tucson
Police Department.
-Assisting with safe Halloween activities for children at the annual
Cops and Rodders Car Show
-Parking Control during the Centurion's Annual Fund raiser
-Taking children shopping during the Annual Kids and Cops Christmas
-Assisting the Tucson Police Officer's Association with fingerprinting
kids at the Ward 4 Back to School Bash
"Exploring gives me the opportunity to become involved in the police
department. It is something fun to do on the weekends, and is also
preparing me for my future career."
Explorer Captain B. Nielsen

"Exploring has made me a better person throughout all aspects of
life. It has taught me leadership and I have learned many things
about the Tucson Police Department and its operations....Leadership,
dedication, honesty, & integrity are the keys to what will make you a
great person."
Explorer Lieutenant J. Rizzi
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